Friday, June 19, 2009

When I do what I do because I want to and not because I have to, of course its fun, but otherwise, domesticity kills me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When one of my colleagues brought back a couple of lucky charms from Beijing, I picked the symbol of success over relationship. I cant believe this is me!

Inner Voice: It's ok honey, you are not 20...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gotta go!

Soon after I bought my current cam, there was a trip to San Diego planned. Actually, now I don't know which was planned because of which. Anyway, so I had a week to 'prepare' before we left and I sat and read the camera guide completely day and night so much so that ogiedogie made fun of me about how he never saw this kind of dedication during my Masters! Operated the camera a bit with him being my subject about which he was very happy, but not so much with the result! I crammed up aperture/shutter speed settings for different conditions of light and times of day and thought I am going to come out with amazing pics. (More about what happened to the pics on this trip in some other post).

San Diego was a long drive (the others will kill me for saying this since I did not drive at all :P). Crashed at midnight, expecting to wake up after a deep sleep of atleast 8 hours. Unfortunately, San Diego, rather 'gotta go's'(our host) place is quite prone to fire! I am laughing as I write this....we were woken up at 5 in the morning by our host who forced us to get out of the house. He reminded me of a military officer commanding us to get up or get our ass kicked! He was standing there (he looked intimidating especially since we were all sprawled on the floor and he looked like a giant towering over us) with his hands on his hips and trying to wake us up. I turned and looked at him with half open eyes and I could hear him saying...gotta go...

It took a whole lot of time for all of us to realize why we were on the streets at the wee hours of morning. Fire Alarm! While rubbing my eyes and cursing everyone in the world for disturbing my sleep, I realized it was a false alarm. After going back and squeezing into the comforter, it wasnt another 2 hours and I could hear a buzzing sound that started irritating me until it got louder and louder...and then we realized it was another fire alarm! Most unique experience...but not so pleasant. This time, after we all assembled outside, I took out my cam to capture this very eventful moment. Ya, I had to save my precious cam this time (just in case it was a real fire)! Its a different story that I didn't bother getting hold of my other valuables...

Oh...ya, the second time was a false alarm too. $@$@$^!#$#% So much for my sleep!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Some other time,
Some place else,
Some other day,
Some other phase of life

Not now...not now
Bring him again another day

When things go right, but at the wrong time...u know how it is, dont you? Things are still wrong. But, when things go wrong at the right time, there is still scope for fixing it.

I don't even know which one this is. There is no hope for me!

Wish two things didn't happen at the same time in life.

Monday, July 30, 2007

What was that?

Time : 3.30 AM

Background: Slept at 1 AM after reading a novel, woke up at 3 and was lying awake for about 2 mins before I got a call from my friend for whom I had to open the door. After the hi hellos how was your day, I went to sleep and was lying there on the bed thinking about the day that had gone.

Event: I hear someone singing, a slight hum, one of my fav songs. My friend is fast asleep next to me. I wonder for a few seconds before realizing where it was coming from. It was me! I got up in my bed in shock and it stopped. I was singing and I was thinking of something else at the same time and only the part that was thinking was the part of me that I could consiously relate to. And I somehow know that while I was shaking it all off in my head, I had a smile on my face.

One of the weirdest expriences. To feel like you are two people.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


From six months to a lifetime. Difference lies in one stupid contract thats currently not 'extendable' by one party.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Plan

2 dogs (coz she loves labradors and he pugs)

2 TVs (coz he'll want to change to the sports channel and she wont let him change)

2 laptops (coz she is addicted to movies and he prefers opening gmail to find someone to chat)

2 accounts (coz she is a calculating freak and he will let her be)

2 closets (coz she is an organizing cleanliness obsessed maniac and he could care less about his clothes dumped inside the closet)

2 sets of kitchen dishes (coz he loves non veg and she wont let him cook using her vessels)

...they might as well live separate!